• Habits work. Diets don't.

    Incorporate these 5 stress-free habits into your daily routine to help you stay on track and reach your weight-loss goals. You won't have to think about being healthy; you'll do it automatically.

    Show me the habits!
  • Get good at changing.

    Changing is a skill, just like learning a new software or language. Practice makes progress and progress is what you are looking for. Change is easier and faster with a coach.

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  • Can't say no to food?

    Coaching can teach you how to say no to sugary and salty snacks. Wanna build your will power muscle? Start by stretching your comfort zone and schedule a free call. Let's do this, girl!

Change before you have to.

No matter what nutritional changes you want to make, you need to get better at making change in the first place. Reaching your health goals may have more to do with your habits than what’s on your plate. Beyond carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, your success is about making consistent and persistent changes in your eating patterns. How are you doing in those areas?

Changing is a skill you can learn. It's time you become better at changing, not better at dieting.

"Nobody likes change except a baby in a wet diaper.”
-Mark Twain
Five sure-fire ways to improve your impulse control: It's time to STOPP. " Read how to STOPP mindless eating...

Nutrition Classes

Fun nutrition classes to provide you with insight to move forward with confidence. Get the support, encouragement, and information you need to adopt habits that align with a higher quality of life. Self-paced and on-line.


Personal Coaching

We all need guidance, encouragement, and support when we learn new skills. That's what a coach does. A good coach helps you to navigate change and build the necessary skills. The results? You reach your goals, easily and effortlessly.

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Awake at the Meal: A Blog

I love sharing tips, techniques, and success stories from the coaching world. Stop by my blog to find quality info and inspiration. Get access to simple secrets and special support to change your body and your life.

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