2017 Workshop Schedule

2017 Workshops…Expect to be informed and transformed. 

Introduction to Probiotics

Can probiotics really protect against cancer, ulcers and other digestive problems; reduce allergies; or improve immunity and resistance to infections, like the marketers say they can? Get the skinny on probiotics and gut health. As an emerging trend, unraveling the science behind probiotics is no easy task. Join us for a 90 minute tele-class to learn about gut physiology and discover the emerging research on pre- and probiotics. Explore how to translate the research into practical dietary applications, looking at  different products (foods and supplements). Discern the credible products from the junk. Receive a 5-step Plan for supporting gut health. Investment: $25.00.

Upcoming class:

August  14   7:00 -8:30 p.m.


Awake at the Meal: Your Guide to Conscious Eating- 4 week tele-class

Join us for this life expanding, interactive 4 week course where you can make peace with food and stop eating like a zombie. Each week, with hands-on worksheets and a supportive community, you will explore the the basic principles and  practices that will become your program for transformation when you sit down for a meal. Because what you put in your head, and how you nurture your soul, are just as important as what you put in your mouth. From this class, you will approach eating and your life with a fresh perspective and a gentler spirit.  You will leave this workshop being truthful and loving to yourself in ways you never thought possible. You will learn to navigate the grocery store and feel good about buying foods from companies that really care about you and care about our Earth. Make food your friend again. Investment: $132.00.

Upcoming Workshops:

October 7th -October 28th


Nutrition 101- 4 week tele-class

There is more to life than calories and carbohydrate grams. Get the scoop on nutrition and the food industry by an insider and discover how to refuel in the healthiest and most sustainable choices for you, your family and our planet Earth.  Feel relieved knowing there is probably no one right way of eating, however there are concepts for healthy eating (and corresponding controversies) and we will explore them together, one by one. This class is full of so many “ah ha” moments you will wonder how you ever survived without it. Leave this class with resources and frameworks to navigate the dynamic  nutrition landscape for years to come. Investment: $132.00.

Upcoming Workshops:

September 9th- September 30th





Please call me at 310-489-5031 or send me an email if you have any questions about these workshops. I am  here to help!

Let’s do this! I look forward to hearing from you.



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