Food and Faith

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Food and Faith

In my early days as a registered dietitian, I secretly wanted a miracle diet pill.

A miracle pill that kept my clients and me from thinking about lunch five minutes after we ate our last bites at breakfast. A miracle pill that motivated us to be more active.  A miracle pill that supported us in finding non-food ways of dealing with stress and other emotions.

What relief I thought we would feel swallowing time-release capsules that would work immediately to stop the frustration and the unhappiness that came with worrying so much about our bodies.  Later, relief would come by removing the burden of eating and activity-related decisions we seemed to face with every moment throughout the day.

And now, in the most unusual places for a health care professional, I have found the miracle pill I secretly wished for so many years ago:  In my growing relationship with the Divine.

Looking back, what I saw with my clients and me was that most of the issues we faced with food and eating had a deep spiritual component.  Sure, it was necessary to address the nutritional concerns with the tools of science and medicine, but there was also a need for a spiritual element to truly heal and transform our bodies. By calling upon the power of the Divine for love and support, profane nutrition information became sacred physical transformation.

Instead of looking for the next miracle pill, consider going to the very source of the miraculous. Stop feeling alone in your struggles and let Grace in. Tune into the knowing that you are sacred, an individuation of the Divine.  Everything you need to thrive is inside you. Whether for your health or other concerns, know that Divine Love can transform and heal all.

Imagine what it would be like to see your body and your life through the eyes of the Divine Creator, with unconditional love and acceptance.  Today, invite and allow Divine Love to infuse rich connections between your physical and spiritual worlds.

What’s it feel like? Oh, please share.

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