A Fork in the Road

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A Fork in the Road

Could the fork on your plate signify a fork in the road?

I believe that each time I lift a fork to my mouth I am making a choice: Either I am stepping forward into growth or I am stepping back into safety (thank you Abraham Maslow for that eloquence.) In other words, I am moving either closer toward my health goals or away from them by choosing the status quo.

I know that where I am in any given moment is perfect, because I co-created it with Source. I also know that what I have manifested now is not who I am, but who I was and, with a split-second commitment, I can choose to change who I will be tomorrow.

Claiming this personal power is imperative for transformation, a new direction, to occur.

Many times throughout the day, as I use my fork, I ask myself, “Is this choice in my highest good?”  My higher guidance always has an answer for me. I may not like the answer and I may not choose to accept the answer, but there is always a response to help me choose the best direction when I am ready to go. And when I am ready, the entire Universe will support me in my next step.

Just between you and me, when I do listen, my life works better. By tuning in and connecting with your inner wisdom you can claim your power and move forward along your journey of transformation. Regular check-ins with your inner wisdom allows you to strengthen and amplify the sound of your truth.

Be awake at your plate today. Use your fork as a reminder to ask your inner wisdom for guidance and take a step forward, in a new direction. Tune in, trust and transform. What does your fork mean to you?


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