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Food and Faith

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In my early days as a registered dietitian, I secretly wanted a miracle diet pill. A miracle pill that kept my clients and me from thinking about lunch five minutes after we ate our last bites at breakfast. A miracle pill that motivated us to be more active.  A miracle pill that supported us in finding non-food ways of dealing with stress and other emotions. What relief I thought we would feel swallowing time-release capsules that would work immediately to stop the frustration and the unhappiness that came with worrying so much about our bodies.  Later, relief would come by […]


Breaking Bread

Self-love is about treating yourself with the same care, tolerance, generosity, and compassion as you would treat your best friend. It is nice to have someone you love, in your corner, cheering you on at all times.

There is nothing better than feeling like you fit in. As a kid, we moved around a lot and every September I started a new grade at a new school. I did not mind finding my way around a new building or meeting new teachers and classmates, but getting through the lunch period petrified me. All morning I worried myself about, “Who would I eat with? Would I have to eat alone?” Lunchtime weighed heavily on my little mind. I will always remember my first week of third grade. It was lunchtime at my new school and I made my […]


Self-love runneth over

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If you are like me, you probably set some health-related New Year’s resolutions. What I have learned about my resolutions so far in 2014 is that no matter how many smoothies I eat, no matter how many salads I make, no matter how many miles I  run, it is my sense of worthiness, my love of self,  that ultimately supports or sabotages my success in achieving my goals. Self -love covers a lot of ground, but for today let it be a message of compassion. For today, let self-love mean never, ever saying something to yourself that you would not […]

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