Beyond Nutrition: The Role of Food in our Lives

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Beyond Nutrition: The Role of Food in our Lives

Woo hoo! It is officially the first week of summer. This time of year evokes a desire to kick back and read      a good book, doesn’t it?  To add a healthy dose of inspiration to your summer reading list, here is a      suggestion for you.

I love the book, Nourishing Wisdom by Marc David. For many of us today, food is a source of conflict      and confusion rather than a source of nourishment. Especially in summer, when we tend to critiqueand compare our physiques more harshly.

Nourishing Wisdom is about how to eat rather than what to eat. Marc David challenges us to observe our thoughts and feelings about food and ask ourselves, how these, along with food itself, all interact and affect our bodies and emotions. It’s an engaging discourse on how to free ourselves from limiting ideas such as the existence of “good” and “bad” foods and the illusion of a “perfect” diet.

I appreciate this book because it has short chapters (great for when you have only a few minutes to steal away) and because each chapter ends with a high-powered summary of key lessons and suggested reflections. The book provides practical methods for redefining the role food plays in our lives. Simply put, it’s food for thought in digestible morsels. (Much like  my new class starting on July 7th.)

In exploring the psychology of food and our true relationship to it, Marc David has written an essential book for anyone who eats. This book is for those who want to deepen their appreciation for the act of eating and the space it holds in their lives. How do you create a sacred space for eating? I would love to hear your ideas in the comments down below. 

Add Nourishing Wisdom by Marc David to your summer reading list and savor. I promise you will sit down at your picnic table and enjoy your summer meals in a very different way. To your health and happiness!



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