Body Visioning Process

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Body Visioning Process

Nutrition can be a funny science. A colleague of mine once wrote, “It is the only field where people can scientifically prove opposing theories and still be right.”  After working in nutrition for more than ten years, what I have learned is there is no one right way of eating that applies to everyone.  Sure, there are common and simple themes among the most successful diets, however like your fingerprint, you have a distinctive dietary blueprint for activating your healthiest self.  Known as bioindividuality, it honors the fact that we all have unique needs and preferences.

Like the saying goes, “One man’s food is another man’s poison.”

How do you know what is the best way of eating for you? Go right to the source! Ask your body for guidance and listen for the answers. Everything you need to know about choosing your optimal dietary pattern is within you. It’s not to be found in a book, nor from your co-worker, nor on a late-night TV infomercial.

In my workshops, I lead my students through a body visioning process, adapted from Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith’s illuminating work. Here’s a sample of the process for you to try.

In quiet meditation, turning inward, in the presence of Spirit, ask the following questions:

  • What is the highest vision of health for my life?
  • What must I begin doing in order to achieve this healthful vision? What qualities must I cultivate?
  • What must I let go of to manifest this healthful vision?
  • What skills and resources do I already have that will serve this healthful vision?

Listen for the answers. You have an inner voice that will tell you intimate and important things about your body’s needs that nobody else can. You can always trust your inner voice. It’s the voice that is kind, never judgmental, looks for the best solutions and makes you feel confident.  If the voice makes comparisons, enjoys drama, seems stuck in the past and focuses on problems with no solutions…it’s not your inner voice talking. Instead, it is your mind, or your ego. Can you hear and feel the difference between the two?

A wise coach once taught me, “Your life is shaped by the questions you ask.” I propose that you can shape your body by the questions you ask, as well.  Activate an inner dialogue with your healthiest self by asking high-level questions. Be sure to honor your body’s response by listening to that sweet inner voice when it answers.  When you have a few minutes for contemplation, spend five good minutes in your body today asking for what it needs.  Maybe you can allow your body to write you a letter. Read it as you would a note from a loved one.

What is your body telling you and how do you respond?


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