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5 Sure-fire Ways to STOPP Overeating and Improve Impulse Control

Stop Cravings and Control Impulses

Faced with something on your fork that shouldn’t be going into your mouth? We’ve all been there. Healthy intentions go right out the window when temptation is in the room. No need to panic. From now on, use the acronym STOPP to save you from the next compulsive bite and free you from any pending guilt. I am so proud when my coaching clients declare, “Oh, I STOPPed that craving right in its tracks.” Let’s go! S stands for Seek out Social Support… There is something magical about reaching out to a friend. Research shows social support to be one […]


A Fork in the Road

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Could the fork on your plate signify a fork in the road? I believe that each time I lift a fork to my mouth I am making a choice: Either I am stepping forward into growth or I am stepping back into safety (thank you Abraham Maslow for that eloquence.) In other words, I am moving either closer toward my health goals or away from them by choosing the status quo. I know that where I am in any given moment is perfect, because I co-created it with Source. I also know that what I have manifested now is not […]


Body Visioning Process

spiritual nutrition, weight loss, health visioning, nutrition, registered dietitian, Santa Monica, wellness

Nutrition can be a funny science. A colleague of mine once wrote, “It is the only field where people can scientifically prove opposing theories and still be right.”  After working in nutrition for more than ten years, what I have learned is there is no one right way of eating that applies to everyone.  Sure, there are common and simple themes among the most successful diets, however like your fingerprint, you have a distinctive dietary blueprint for activating your healthiest self.  Known as bioindividuality, it honors the fact that we all have unique needs and preferences. Like the saying goes, […]


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