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Explore your Signature Strengths (cool free resource)


Want to learn about one of the coolest self-discovery tools out there? I would like to share a resource with you from the University of Pennsylvania’s Positive Psychology Center.  Positive psychology is the scientific study of the strengths and virtues that enable individuals to thrive. The visionary behind the Positive Psychology movement is Marty Seligman, a Professor of Psychology at Penn and an award winning author and lecturer. For cool self-discovery tools, follow the link to arrive at the Center’s home page. On the home page’s upper tool bar, you will find a tab labeled “Questionnaires.”  Click on this tab […]


Daily Devotions

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A headline this week questioned, “How often do you look in the mirror and notice something wrong instead of something right?” Hmm…Let’s reflect on this a bit. New research reveals that we have a complex relationship with mirrors.  According to the Social Issues Research Center, nine out of ten of us feel badly after looking in the mirror, yet we look at our reflections an average of six times a day. If we are compelled to look, how can we make these glances as supportive and loving as possible? The good news is that we can change the way we […]


Self-love runneth over

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If you are like me, you probably set some health-related New Year’s resolutions. What I have learned about my resolutions so far in 2014 is that no matter how many smoothies I eat, no matter how many salads I make, no matter how many miles I  run, it is my sense of worthiness, my love of self,  that ultimately supports or sabotages my success in achieving my goals. Self -love covers a lot of ground, but for today let it be a message of compassion. For today, let self-love mean never, ever saying something to yourself that you would not […]


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