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Beyond Nutrition: The Role of Food in our Lives

Book review

Woo hoo! It is officially the first week of summer. This time of year evokes a desire to kick back and read      a good book, doesn’t it?  To add a healthy dose of inspiration to your summer reading list, here is a      suggestion for you. I love the book, Nourishing Wisdom by Marc David. For many of us today, food is a source of conflict      and confusion rather than a source of nourishment. Especially in summer, when we tend to critiqueand compare our physiques more harshly. Nourishing Wisdom is about how to eat rather than what to eat. Marc David challenges […]


Food and Faith

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In my early days as a registered dietitian, I secretly wanted a miracle diet pill. A miracle pill that kept my clients and me from thinking about lunch five minutes after we ate our last bites at breakfast. A miracle pill that motivated us to be more active.  A miracle pill that supported us in finding non-food ways of dealing with stress and other emotions. What relief I thought we would feel swallowing time-release capsules that would work immediately to stop the frustration and the unhappiness that came with worrying so much about our bodies.  Later, relief would come by […]


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