Daily Devotions

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Daily Devotions

A headline this week questioned, “How often do you look in the mirror and notice something wrong instead of something right?” Hmm…Let’s reflect on this a bit.

New research reveals that we have a complex relationship with mirrors.  According to the Social Issues Research Center, nine out of ten of us feel badly after looking in the mirror, yet we look at our reflections an average of six times a day. If we are compelled to look, how can we make these glances as supportive and loving as possible?

The good news is that we can change the way we view ourselves when we look in the mirror. Louise Hay, a metaphysical author and lecturer, has championed making the mirror our friend, instead of our enemy. She recommends that every time you look in the mirror, you say something positive about yourself, as if you were talking to a dear, dear friend. It doesn’t have to be about your appearance. In fact, instead of focusing on how you look, try saying something loving about who you are or what you do.

I have been practicing mirror work since the New Year. In the beginning, I felt a little silly, I will admit. It was hard to look myself in the eyes and say meaningful things…go figure! Now, whenever I see my reflection and say, “I love you, Suzanne” …a smile begins forming and my eyes start lighting up. I feel like I am building confidence and camaraderie within me, softening even the most critical and judgmental of in-my-head voices.

You are probably going to see your reflection today, so why not make the most of the experience? From fleeting glances to some serious eye-to-eye time, remember, the mirror is a companion, a friend that compliments, supports and approves of…you.  Devote yourself to daily mirror work.  Use the mirror to really see yourself, accept yourself and begin to love what you see. Not sure what to say? Keep reading.

Every time you are in front of a mirror or pass by one, a smile and a simple “I love you (put your name here)” will make a difference. Really, you can use any supportive phrase you like. If you are feeling kicky, try using your best Humphrey Bogart voice and say, “Here’s looking at you, kid.”

Now tell me that doesn’t make you feel special!


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