Purchase Coaching Sessions

Ready to change? How exciting!

I am honored and delighted to be your coach and I am here to provide guidance, encouragement, and support. 

Here’s what we will do together:

We’ll start where you are…just as you are. In our first coaching session, let’s create awareness around your current habits. Let’s celebrate what you are doing well, and uncover the habits you may want to change. Together, in future sessions, we will explore your specific goals; discover resources to support your success; and create methods to track your progress. We can discuss anything, and trust me, I’ve been through a lot myself. I understand what it is like to want to lose.weight.now.

I recommend beginning with one-hour sessions, then moving into 30-minute sessions at a pace that supports you best. After purchasing a session, you will receive an email message to set up your appointment. Our sessions happen over the phone, so time and space are not an issue. If you have any questions, any questions at all about coaching, please reach out. Call me directly at 310.489.5031 or send me an email. I am here to help.

One hour of coaching: $ 120.00

Coaching sessions must be used within one year of purchase.

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