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Scheduling a free coaching call is fast and easy.

Reach out through email and propose a few dates and times that work for your schedule. I will email you back with my availability. 

As a coach, I am upbeat and encouraging, yet non-nonsense in my approach.I will ask a lot of questions, listen intently, and manage the coaching process. It is up to you to set the agenda and decide on the outcomes. I want nothing more than to help you to explore and create your own healthy relationship with food. Remember: I may be an expert in nutrition, but you are the expert of your body.

Before our call, you may want to think about these three questions:

1. What about your health is important to you?

2. What is it about right now- that makes this the time to focus on your health?

3. What three things do you want to get out of our coaching session?

If you prefer scheduling your appointment by phone, please call me at 310.489.5031.

Looking forward to working together.

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