Self-love runneth over

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Self-love runneth over

If you are like me, you probably set some health-related New Year’s resolutions. What I have learned about my resolutions so far in 2014 is that no matter how many smoothies I eat, no matter how many salads I make, no matter how many miles I  run, it is my sense of worthiness, my love of self,  that ultimately supports or sabotages my success in achieving my goals.

Self -love covers a lot of ground, but for today let it be a message of compassion. For today, let self-love mean never, ever saying something to yourself that you would not say to a best friend or a young child. I shudder to think of the many loathsome things I have said to myself as an adult over the years after eating too much or exercising too little. Instead, I try to remember my childhood BFF from my gymnastics team; she never judged me, she was honest without being cruel and she motivated me to be better. She always cheered for me after I finished a beam routine, no matter how many times I fell off. I will never forget our secrets, our giggles and our dreams all those years ago. Life was lighter then, both literally and figuratively.  We had plans to be the best we could be and to have fun doing it, no matter what. We were going to reach our goals simply, because we had each other.

As we enter into a new season and continue work on our New Year’s resolutions, practice compassion. Self-love is about treating yourself with the same care, tolerance, generosity, and compassion as you would treat your best friend. It is nice to have someone you love, in your corner, cheering you on at all times.

What can you do today? You can say hello to your new BFF- YOU. Have fun hanging out.  Laugh at your own jokes, create stories in your mind, fantasize on your dreams, and make plans. How can you be your BFF today?

Leave some ideas in the comments section on how you can be your BFF today. We are inspired!

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