Explore your Signature Strengths (cool free resource)

Explore your Signature Strengths (cool free resource)

Want to learn about one of the coolest self-discovery tools out there?

I would like to share a resource with you from the University of Pennsylvania’s Positive Psychology Center.  Positive psychology is the scientific study of the strengths and virtues that enable individuals to thrive. The visionary behind the Positive Psychology movement is Marty Seligman, a Professor of Psychology at Penn and an award winning author and lecturer.

For cool self-discovery tools, follow the link to arrive at the Center’s home page. On the home page’s upper tool bar, you will find a tab labeled “Questionnaires.”  Click on this tab to access the free assessment and questionnaire section of the site. You will find surveys to assess your general state of happiness, your relationships and many more topics.  (You will need to register to access the resources.)

I highly recommend that you take the VIA Survey of Character Strengths. I use it with all of my health coaching clients. This survey uncovers your signature strengths, the unique combination of gifts that you bring to this world. Mr. Seligman recommends to pay attention to your top five strengths and to find ways to use them more often in your work, play and family activities. Very, very smart man.

For my curious colleagues, here are my top five signature strengths:

1.) Zest, enthusiasm and energy: I am very upbeat and excited to be here.

2.) Love of learning:  I love reading books and taking classes.

3.) Spirituality, sense of purpose and faith: I am deeply connected to and trust in my higher power.

4.) Hope and optimism: My glass is always overflowing…and so is yours.

5.) Curiosity and interest in the world: I love to explore new things. Carpe Diem!

Take the VIA Survey of Character Strengths this weekend and share your signature strengths on my Facebook page. It will be fun to see how many different combinations of strengths we represent as a tribe. While you are off doing the survey, I am off being zesty!


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