Tune Up and Tune In session

Tune Up and Tune In Session

One of the best things we can give ourselves is the time to slow down and receive inner guidance. By scheduling a Tune up and Tune in session, you can become reacquainted with yourself and discover the next steps on your healthful journey.  In one hour, with a registered dietitian, you can complete an intimate, guided dialogue with your body to:

  • Access your inner wisdom to manifest heath and happiness
  • Celebrate your bio-individuality to stop wasting your precious time and money on conflicting diet industry hype
  • Expand your joy, not your waistline and become the BFF your body deserves
  • Wake up at the meal and deepen your appreciation for the act of eating and the space it holds in your life
  • Walk away with a Body Blueprint to know which foods and diet patterns work best to supply your summer energy needs

This session is a blend of visioning process, action setting and food planning.  It is time to feel great in your human suit!

Stand tall and smile, knowing you are listening and attending to your unique physical needs.

Cost per one-hour session is $40.00.


To schedule your session, use our on-line scheduling tool.


Please call us at 310-489-5031 or send us an email if you have any questions about the session. We are here to help.

Let’s do this! We look forward to hearing from you!


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