What People Are Saying…Wow! Thank you.

Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure to teach and coach many people. In my opinion, there is nothing more fulfilling. I give everything to my work and enjoy every minute.

Here’s what past students are saying about my classes and coaching abilities…

“Suzanne is not only an incredible teacher, but she’s an amazing coach who will arm  you with lifelong skills. While you can expect to come out of any class with a comprehensive understanding of the material, you will also emerge with tools that encourage you to become your best self.  Suzanne strikes the perfect balance between supportive and challenging. I can not recommend her enough.”   - Elisa B. @ Chico, CA

“Suzanne’s guidance gave me the confidence I needed  to break out of my shell and flourish in the real world. She has an effective way of creating a learning atmosphere that is welcoming and engaging. She has made  significant impact in my development.” - Brian U. @ Lincoln Heights, CA

“Suzanne helped me to identify my own skills and strengths. I began to advocate for myself which opened up so many doors. I will never forget the day, prior to beginning with Suzanne, I had a job interview that I left feeling not-so confident even though I knew I was qualified. After working with Suzanne, I had another interview for the same position in a different facility. I entered feeling great, left feeling great and was offered the position a few hours later. I would 100% recommend Suzanne. You owe it to yourself!” – Melissa G. @ Los Angeles, CA

“One of the best things I have learned from Suzanne was how to feel confident about myself. She taught me this valuable trait by showing me how to search for answers within myself. With her charismatic personality and caring nature, she is the perfect role model for motivation and success. She is the greatest coach and mentor I could ever ask for and I’m grateful to have met her. I would recommend Suzanne to anyone who has goals and ambitions and wants to achieve them.” - Marisela M. @ South Gate, CA

“One thing I like about Suzanne’s class is she cares about  her students and you can see it. She creates in-class activities that include everyone and it is impossible to walk out of class without learning a ton. – Helen S. @ Los Angeles, CA

“Suzanne is a true inspiration. She has taught me to be open minded and not afraid to ask questions through her compassion and care. She creates a comfortable and safe environment allowing one to explore their thoughts and not feel afraid to share their opinions. I appreciated Suzanne’s genuine guidance, feedback and support.” - Jasmine J. @ Los Angeles, CA

“Suzanne has meant a great deal to my profound development as a counselor, an entrepreneur and as a person overall. I never take the time spent around her for granted. I always leave with a wealth of information after our sessions. She guided me through the preparation process of a public presentation and how to capture an audience. I am a better public speaker because of her. I feel better equipped as a professional in my industry. I truly owe a great deal of that to Suzanne.” - Giovanni G. @Los Angeles, CA



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